Tuesday, January 26, 2021

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Welcome to Kinsman Township Zoning Department.

Address:     P.O. Box 399
                   Kinsman, Ohio  44428-9503

Office located at 7890 State Route 5 in the Kinsman Township Administrative Building
Office Hours: Every Tuesday 3:-7:00 p.m.

                        Second and Fourth Wednesday 10-2

Appointments made as needed.  Call and leave a message.

PH: 330.876.0391

(Message machine will take message during non-office hours)

Zoning is the most common technique local governments use to influence the location and density of development. A zoning ordinance has two parts: a text and a map. The text describes the different land use zones, density standards, allowable and non-allowable uses, development standards, and the administration of the process. If you are looking for certain forms, maps or even just curious what the zoning regulations are, please check out the menu on the right. You will find all that information and more.