Monday, July 23, 2018

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Our Recycling Bins are located on St. Rt. 87, next to the Township Garage.

Please note the containers have changed and so have the items that may be processed

Recycling area is now monitored with active cameras.  Those who dump items not recyclable or dump items outside containers may incur legal action.  Our apologies to those who abide by the standards in disposing of materials.


What is not acceptable?

  • garbage
  • food
  • yard waste
  • drinking glass
  • batteries
  • plastic bags
  • pots or pans
  • electronics
  • buckets
  • light bulbs
  • ceramics or dishes
  • foil juice pouches
  • food containers

Please do not leave any items outside of containers.

Acceptable items include:


*  glass bottles and jars (any color)


*  cartons for juice, soy milk, broth, cream, egg substitutes, (caps and straws removed)

Plastic Bottles and Jugs

*  any plastic bottle or jug with a base wider than its mouth

Metal Cans

*  aluminum cans

*  aerosol cans with lids and caps removed

*  metal cans and lids

*  tin cans


*  newspapers and inserts

*  magazines and catalogs

*  junk mail and envelopes

*  phone books

*  paper grocery bags

*  cereal and snack boxes

*  clean pizza boxes free of oil and grease

For more information  on recycling in our area along with local programs sponsored by Geauga Trumbull Solid Waste District go to 

For hazardous materials disposal please click here.  You will find the Geauga-Trumbull Solid Waste District's "2017 Schedule of Collection Events" listed for Trumbull County.


Our 2017 collection date was a big success. We have township trucks with salvage materials which was taken to recycling to offset the cost of the garbage truck.  Our thanks to Sunburst Environmental employees for their help and to the community volunteers who assist those in need without means to transport trash to the Township collection area.