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Zoning Regulations

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These are just a few of the things you may need a permit for:

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Garage Sales

A Garage Sale Permit allows you to conduct your sale for three consecutive days. You are allowed up to four events per year. This does not include town-wide yard sale weekend. Town-wide yard sale weekend may be Thurs.-Sat., Fri.-Sun. or Sat.-Mon. Permits are $2.00 per sale.

To receive a permit for your Garage Sale please contact us by phone or email by clicking here. Please leave the following information and we will get back to you: name, address, phone contact number, and days requesting permit for yard sale. You must come to the Zoning Office during set office hours to pay for and pick up your yard sale permit.

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   Title [5] V Townships (Click Here to view the laws)

505.173 Storage of Junk Motor Vehicles
505.86 Removal, repair or securance of insecure unsafe buildings or structures
505.87 Abatement control or removal of vegetation, garbage, refuse and other debris
505.87 Removal of junk motor vehicles