Kinsman Township Park

Kinsman Township Park

Reservations to the Park may be made by calling 330.240.4240, or by contacting the trustee in charge (Bruce Bancroft). Once your reservation fee has been paid, your reservation of the Park or the pavilion(s) selected will be final and placed on the calendar.  Cost is $50.00 for township residents and $100.00 for non-residents. Community non-profits are exempt from fees but must still call to reserve a pavilion.

Mailing address:
Kinsman Township
P.O. Box 399
Kinsman, Ohio 44428-9503


Bruce Bancroft 330.240.4240
Jamin Banning 330.980.8921

Greg Leonhard: 330.876.4256

Marge Crupi: 330.876.1040
Fiscal Officer


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