Friday, March 05, 2021

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Kinsman Township Fire Department - History

The Kinsman Fire Truck Company, as it was originally named, came into being around 1926 with Lloyd jones becoming its first chief.  In 1929 John “Jack” Carkhuff became its second Chief.

With a Model T Ford truck and a few chemical tanks housed in the A.G. Birrell Garage, they were ready to serve the public. Telephone calls were relayed there by an obliging operator.

In 1937 the township trustees bought a new truck and funds were solicited to finance the new organization. The first Fire Station, located on the NE side of the Route 7 bridge below the Town Square, was acquired and improvements made by the men in their leisure time.  This was the home of the Fire Department until the late 1960’s when the current building was constructed on Ridge Road.  The front of the building was added to in 1971 providing a meeting room, office, and additional truck bays to meet the needs of a growing community.

Much credit of the early Fire department is given to John Carkhuff who ran it from 1929 until his retirement in 1968. Credit also needs to be given to those who followed and gave equally in effort to the township and its residents.  Their time may not have been as long but their service is equally appreciated. Those who gave selflessly to the community before retiring include Richard “Dick” Bloss, Donald “Don” Clute, Frank Carmichael, and Glen Marvin.

During the 1940’s the Women’s Auxiliary came to fruition with Ruth Menock as its first President. Organized between 1947 and 1949 they labor to diligently assist the Firefighters when necessary.  They continue to meet regularly at the Fire Hall.

Today, the Fire Department Building continues to be owned and operated by the Fire Association. The Township Trustees contract to house the taxpayer emergency vehicles there.