Saturday, February 27, 2021

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Kinsman Township Fire Department - Engine 33Engine 33

Engine 33 is a 1998 New Lexington on a Spartan Chassis.

This vehicle is equipped with a 1250GPM Hale pump with 1,000 gallons of water on board. There are 6 seated positions, with 5 of them being air pack seats. We carry a vast variety of tools, ladders and hoses, as well as our brand new Scott Eagle Thermal Imaging Camera to aid in the detection of fire spread. There is also a Hurst Combi-Tool mounted, in the event that we have more than one MVA at a time.

This unit currently serves as the primary unit for all structural and vehicle fires in Kinsman Township, and a secondary pumper to the surrounding areas.

Kinsman Township Fire Department - Tanker 33

Tanker 33

Tanker 33 is a 2003 International Tanker One Series.

Because there are no fire hydrants in our town, all of the water needed to put out fires has to be carried in by trucks like this. Tanker 33 carries 2,000 gallons of water and is equipped with a 1500GPM Darley pump. This vehicle can accommodate 2 people, one of which can wear an air pack. We carry an extra air pack and attack lines so that both people can fight a fire if necessary.

We use the tanker as a primary unit for all Mutual-Aid fires and a secondary unit for Kinsman Township.

Kinsman Township Fire Department - Rescue 33

Rescue 33

Rescue 33 is a 1988 GMC American Eagle.

Our rescue truck is similar to others, but unique in its own way. With a 500 Gallon tank and a 750GPM pump, it can function like a pumper if needed, but carries enough equipment to handle many different rescue situations.

Because of the rural area that we protect, we also carry a variety of farm rescue equipment and a grain bin rescue device.

This rescue truck is primary to all motor vehicle accidents and rescue calls for Kinsman Township, and secondary to our surrounding areas.

Some of the equipment carried on this vehicle:

  • Hurst “Jaws Of Life”
  • Vehicle Stabilization Equipment
  • Pneumatic Airbags
  • Confined Space Rescue Equipment
  • Chain Saws
  • Hazmat Spill Equipment

Kinsman Township Fire Department - Brush 33Brush 33

Brush 33 is a 1991 Ford F-250.

This pickup truck looks like many ordinary pickups, but carries 100 gallons of water and a portable pump unit for fighting grass and brush fires quickly and efficiently

Because of it’s 4X4 capabilities, we can get to most places with this unit in almost any weather condition.

Kinsman Township Fire Department - Car 33Car 33

Car 33 is a 2002 Chevy Blazer.

This vehicle is used to carry extra personnel to incidents, as well as a secondary EMS vehicle that is equipped with oxygen and an AED



Kinsman Township Fire Department - Squad 33Squad 33

Squad 33 is a 1998 Wheeled Coach.

Most of the incidents that we are called for as a fire department are EMS calls. Thanks to the residents passing the Fire & EMS levy in the fall of 2012, we were able to contract our EMS service with Johnston Township.

This ambulance is fully equipped to handle any emergency, no matter the severity.