Friday, March 05, 2021

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The ambulance service was started in the 1960’s with a hearse-type ambulance in conjunction with the local funeral director and manned by volunteers.  Towards the late1970’s the latest “up to date” ambulance was purchased by local donations and was funded by yearly membership drives which continued until the 1990’s when Medicaid/Medicare regulations changed forcing the Association-owned ambulance to drop its subscription program.  During that time two more ambulances were purchased.

The ambulance service began manned by volunteers with basic emergency training. Over the years it advanced to Basic EMT’s, Intermediate EMT’s, and advanced to a Paramedic Service in 1999 which existed until 2008.

In 2011 the Fire –Association run ambulance was turned over to the Kinsman Township Trustees. A contract was established with Johnston Township to provide service as needed  when volunteers are unable to respond or when paramedic level care is needed.


Squad Commander - Cory Van Kanegan

EMT’s - Cory Van Kanegan, Mark Houser, Don Stevens, Michelle VanKanegan