Kinsman Cemetery

The first cemetery known as the “old cemetery” was selected by Mr. John Kinsman as the burial spot for John Tidd, the first death in the township in 1804.  Deeded by Mr. Kinsman to the C&P Church Society in 1832, they in turn deeded it to the township to be cared for and controlled by the township trustees.   This agreement still stands today.

Seven revolutionary War veterans are buried here. They are as follows: Peter Lossie (Lossee), Ebenezer Reeves, John Kinsman, Lovel Parker, William Mathews, Dr. Jedediah Burnham, and Martin Tidd.

The Kinsman Cemetery Association was incorporated in 1858 when they purchased three or four more acres of land east of the Presbyterian Church.  Additional acreage has been added to the north several times.  Walks, driveways, trees and shrubs have been added several times beautify the landscape as  well as a Chapel donated by Mr. and Mrs. Verne Lobaugh. All plots are cared for by a year-round caretaker.

Brave men and women, both old and young rest here from grim wars that have beset our country.   We revere their memories and every year on Memorial Day. We honor them with special services and dedication.  No one is forgotten and flags mark the graves as Taps resounds with solemn reverence.  The American Legion, assisted by local Scouts, mark the graves with flags to honor those who gave service to our country.

President: Bruce Bancroft - 330.240.4240
Vice President: Glenn Raymond - 330.876.4305
Secretary: Henry Innocenzi 
Treasurer: Charlotte Meloni 330.876.9702
Cemetery Sexton: Robert Melvin
Kinsman Cemetery Association
PO Box 224
Kinsman, Ohio  44428-9503

Kinsman Township Garage
6346 State Route 87 NE
Kinsman, Ohio  44428-9503

Kinsman Cemetery Association
PO Box 224
Kinsman, Ohio  44428-9503

Mailing address:
Kinsman Township
P.O. Box 399
Kinsman, Ohio 44428-9503


Bruce Bancroft 330.240.4240
Jamin Banning 330.980.8921

Greg Leonhard: 330.876.4256

Marge Crupi: 330.876.1040
Fiscal Officer


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